2020….Take 2?

This weekend’s ride in Kilsheelan is going ahead for all those who live outside of Kildare, Laois and Offaly.  If you have entered, we have three options, defer your entry, be refunded (less handling fees) or take part virtually.  If you wish to take part virtually, contact Anne either through facebook, email or phone for more details.  Your mileage will be logged and registered.
Our next ride is in Kinnity, however we have had to temporarily suspend the entries until the lockdown is lifted or we are more definite about the lifting, please book in through www.itsplainsailing.com/club/ei  As we have said previously the rides, due to the pandemic will be members only, however you can still join the club if you want to ride at our events and your membership will carry over to 2021.  If permitted we will upgrade our rides to CRs for any of you who want to start qualifying horses or yourselves.  Keep an eye for updates.  Our Endurance Ireland Event Procedure is now online see below:
It has been a difficult few weeks and the Committee of Endurance Ireland have been working hard with Horse Sport Ireland to agree a date to recommence our normal riding during this pandemic.  Horse Sport Ireland have made a submission to the Government in order to resume equestrian sport.  What this means for Endurance Ireland is as follows:
1. Members only at our events
2. Restrictions at our events
What the Committee has done in order to comply with this and help our riders is develop a number of documents and controls:
1. Revised the Safety Statement
2. Issued the Endurance Ireland Event Protection Procedures (this will follow once HSI have approved the contents)
3. The Committee has decided that anyone who pays membership in 2020 will have their membership extended to 2021
We all hope we can get back riding safely soon, so take care and keep in touch and an eye on this website and our facebook page for updates.