Endurance Ireland Mileage Awards

As a member of Endurance Ireland you are eligible for mileage awards, qualification certificates and perpetual trophies.  These awards and trophies are given out at the end of every season at our Annual Awards Night which usually takes place after our Annual Meeting.  The Awards Night and meal is open to both members and friends of the club.

Mileage Awards

These awards are based on the total mileage accrued by either horse or rider since their first registration with either Endurance Ireland or another recognised organisation.  At the end of the season the member submits an application form for both their mileage and their horses mileage on the application form and submits it to the Secretary.  The awards are given at the following milestones:

Trail Rides: 150km, 300km, 500km, 750km continuing in increments of 250km

Competitive Rides: 200km, 500km, 750km continuing in increments of 250km

After a very enjoyable 2019 season the full list of those members awarded mileage rosettes is below:


  • Teresa Moore 1000km (Trail)
  • Teresa Moore 7000km (Competitive)
  • Evelyn Moore 5000km (Competitive)
  • Evelyn Moore 750km (Trail)
  • Anne Kinsella 1250km (Trail)
  • Susanne O’Rourke 750km (Trail)
  • Eamon Conway 500km (Trail)
  • Caitlin Conway 300km (Trail)
  • Eileen Burrell 300km (Trail)
  • John Liderith 300km (Trail)
  • Mary Balkin-Hoey 200km (Competitive)
  • Mary Balkin -Hoey 150km (Trail)
  • Niall O’Rourke 150km (Trail)
  • Aisling Doyle 150km (Trail)
  • Shane Mullen 150km (Trail)


  • Gales Hill Sabre 1250km (Competitive)
  • Combat Rock (Apache) 750km (Trail)
  • Combat Rock (Apache) 750km (Competitive)
  • Slaneyside Queen 500km (Competitive)
  • Slaneyside Queen 150km (Trail)
  • Rio 300km (Trail)
  • Merrywood 300km (Trail)
  • Grange Kalapatar 300km  (Trail)
  • Grange Sally 300km  (Trail)
  • Pepsi 300km (Trail)
  • Benny 150km (Trail)
  • Shalimar (Princess) 150km (Trail)