What is Endurance Riding?

We have answers to some of your questions below, if you have any more please don’t hesitate to contact our secretary on endurancesecretary@gmail.com

What is Endurance riding?

Endurance riding is a worldwide sport and is one of the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) disciplines since the 1980s.  The sport was developed to allow horses and riders compete over distances of up to 160km over varying terrains.  The key to endurance riding is the welfare of the horse and to this end vet checks are carried out before, after and during competitive rides.  (Note: vet checks are not normally required for trail rides)

Our club organise events every 2nd and 4th weekend (approximately) from the end of February to October every year, in various venues around the Country.  Our courses are marked with arrows so you will easily find your way around the forestry tracks on offer.

Endurance is not about riding in a large group, on the day people turn up during the time period specified by the organiser, as they are ready to go, they head out on the course and continue at their own pace.  This means you can ride at a walk, trot or canter, whatever you and your horse are most comfortable doing.

Who can do Endurance riding?

Anyone can do endurance riding.  We have members who range from the very young (4 years and over), to the young at heart.  There are rides and distances available for all.  In fact we have many families who take part with Grandparents riding with Grandchildren, as well as many parent and child combinations.   If you are on your own, don’t worry, we have members who are more than happy to ride with you and show you the ropes.  Please note however if the rider is under 14 years they must be accompanied and if they are under 18 cannot ride a stallion.

What type of horses do Endurance?

Most people think of arabian horses when they think of Endurance riding, however this is not the case.  Any horse can undertaken endurance from a small pony to the much larger Irish Draught.  All horses must be aged 4 and over however.

It is the riders responsibility to ensure that their horse is suitably shod, horses may participate without shoes but this must be discussed with the organiser before the ride.  Boots are permitted.

How far do we go?

Our distances start from about 8km or 5 miles in old money!  We don’t expect people to head off and do 80km on their first day!  Non members are encouraged to come along and experience the day and go as fast and as far as they feel comfortable with.

What equipment do you need?

Your normal tack and dress are all that are required.  You must have a properly secured hat that complies with current standards and use footwear with at least a half inch heel unless you are using caged stirrups.

What does it cost?

The entry fee for a trail ride for a non member is €20, this is subject to change, and for more details for the event you wish to attend, please go to www.itsplainsailing.com/org/ei

Do you need to be a member?

You do not need to be a member to take part in our events.