FEI Riding in Ireland

As some of you are aware, HSI recently undertook a mediation process between all of the stakeholders in Endurance in Ireland, in an effort to resolve our differences in relation to FEI events.  Endurance Ireland took part in this process and worked with other parties to look to the future.  HSI have now taken the decision to directly administer FEI licencing in Ireland.
On a positive note for Endurance Ireland, our members will now be able to apply directly to HSI for FEI licences if they meet the criteria and so wish.  In addition, anyone undertaking mileage at any of our rides will be able to use this mileage as a qualifier for the purposes of gaining an FEI licence.  HSI have stated that they recognise Endurance Ireland and mileage attained at our events.
HSI have given details on their website of how to apply (click here for link).  In the coming weeks, Endurance Ireland will be amending our rules where necessary to incorporate any changes that are required to facilitate this and aiding any members who wish to apply for licences.  For more details please contact the Endurance Ireland FEI Representative: Yvonne on enduranceirelandfei@gmail.com